Tim Piatenko

I discovered a fun new DNA data visualization tool that is not only an awesome alternative to the completely outdated GEDmatch reports and visualizations, but packs some cool extra features that are not obvious at first glance, including running your own admixture calculations or user-contributed models on various samples, and…

Since I’ve become involved in multiple Facebook groups dealing with DNA, ancestry, and genealogy, I’ve realized that most people have a very vague idea of what is underneath all of this. And many seem to have false preconceived notions… Let’s walk through the basic steps of how DNA testing and…

It’s always hard for me to remember the scales of things… so here are some facts I keep learning and re-learning put in perspective:

  • There are about 100 stars in the Milky Way for every person on Earth
  • There are about 100 Galaxies in the Universe for every person on…

I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for many months now, and finally got around to it… I thought a lot about the right format, and in the end decided on a good old slide deck, but with a voiceover added.

The deck is here (as a PDF) in case you want to read through it yourself.

And the video with my (slightly rushed) voiceover is below:

In creating this and learning a whole lot about my own genetic past, I used the following sources:

Tim Piatenko

I’m a Caltech particle physics PhD turned Data Scientist, currently working as an independent consultant.

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